New features of this version

A fully redesigned user experience

The menu editor has been entirely reviewed and redesigned to get more intuitive and more efficient.

With this improved user experience, add and modify your menus very quickly and so easily.

Discover this new interface right now in the latest version of COOLTWEAK !

Closer to you

COOLTWEAK is getting global and is now entirely available in both Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Besides, the translation process has been greatly simplified thanks to its brand new crowdsourced translation system.

What about you ? Would you like to join the translation crew ?

Gain more control

You are now able to watch the overall progress as COOLTWEAK is processing your files. This new notification window mechanism is really handy.

See the live progress and view all treatments details with COOLTWEAK 2.1

Sharing wizard is up to date

All your favorite online services are always evolving, the sharing wizard has thus been upgraded to follow these changes.

Sharing your photos to Picasa/Google+, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and is still quite easy with COOLTWEAK

And many many more !

  • Usability - A new undo mecanism allows to revert latest actions
  • Homepage - A news feed is nowx embedded in the editor homepage
  • Notifications - Notification popup have been improved
  • Sharing - Bug fix on Facebook new album creation with custom privacy settings
  • Sharing - Moving to https for Flickr API
  • Sharing - Bug fix on authentication workflow
  • Sharing - Bug fixes on Picasa sharing (with a non Google+ account)
  • Resizing - Bug fix on the size of picture after a crop
  • Reliability - Bug fix for the unexpected crashes of the editor
Downloading CoolTweak

COOLTWEAK is a free software so why not give it a try ?

COOLTWEAK is a Windows application so please make sure that your computer properly meets the below requirements before downloading the software.

COOLTWEAK 2.1.1 beta
  • Release date : July 2014
  • Software size : about 8 Mb
  • Available in :
Technical prerequisites

One of the following up to date Windows operating systems (32 or 64 bits) :

2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016

At least 1 Gb of RAM is recommended

A multi-core processor is recommended

An internet access is recommended to enjoy all features

This installer requires an internet access.

If you won't have an internet acces during the install process you can download full version of this installer by clicking here.

The new version 3.0.1 is available in beta

Feel like discovering all latest CoolTweak features before everybody else ?
This fully functionnal beta version is for you !

A doubt ? Watch the software install process step by step

And what about getting involved in COOLTWEAK ?

Making a donation is cool

COOLTWEAK is entirely free.

It doesn't gather your personal data, doesn't contain any advertising and works without any restrictions

Isn't it time to show some love by sponsoring this initiative ?

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Give your opinion

Yo can also get involved by taking the little survey that will help COOLTWEAK to get improved and better meet your needs.

Your opinion is precious and will be greatly appreciated !

Let's go

Join translation team

Having COOLTWEAK in your language is way much cooler !

If you ever want to participate freely to the translation of the software and its website, you're really welcome.

Get to the translation home page and begin the adventure.

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