New features of this version

A fully redesigned user experience

The menu editor has been entirely reviewed and redesigned to get more intuitive and more efficient.

With this improved user experience, add and modify your menus very quickly and so easily.

Discover this new interface right now in the latest version of COOLTWEAK !

A brand new sharing wizard

Sharing your pictures is a essential feature of COOLTWEAK, that's why a new sharing wizard has been added to save you a lot of time.

With it you'll be able to connect, create albums, edit your photos properties, geolocate them and then publish them online.

Enjoy mass editing features to set all your files properties at once, adding a copyright in the caption of all your files won't be a pain anymore.

In addition to Facebook, Picasa/Google+ and Twitter, COOLTWEAK now also supports Flickr and

Increasingly powerful features

Many new features have appeared in the Output Options tab.

The renaming patterns panel has been widened and the user interface will help you to properly use them.

Another handy innovation is the ability to choose how your pictures will be compressed and easily customize their final properties.

And many many more !

  • Sharing - It's now possible to share your photos on Flickr
  • Usability - Live editor has been completely rethinked and redesigned
  • Sharing - It's now possible to share your photos on
  • Watermark - The text can be outlined and have a customizable background
  • EXIF/IPTC - Pictures metadata (EXIF / IPTC / XMP) are now fully supported (read and write)
  • Watermark - A smart auto-adjustment option has been added for the texts
  • Output options - Numerous and handy renaming macros are available
  • Help - Many help button have been added
  • Resizing - Rendering quality has been improved
  • Engine - The notifications can be hidden when the engine starts and stop processing
  • Reliability - A bunch of bugs have been fixed on the menu editor and the processing engine.
Downloading CoolTweak

COOLTWEAK is a free software so why not give it a try ?

COOLTWEAK is a Windows application so please make sure that your computer properly meets the below requirements before downloading the software.

COOLTWEAK 2.0.0 beta
  • Release date : October 2013
  • Software size : about 6 Mb
Technical prerequisites

One of the following up to date Windows operating systems (32 or 64 bits) :

2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003, Server 2008

At least 1 Gb of RAM is recommended

A multi-core processor is recommended

An internet access is recommended to enjoy all features

This installer requires an internet access.

If you won't have an internet acces during the install process you can download full version of this installer by clicking here.

A doubt ? Watch the software install process step by step

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