CoolTweak 3.2

Price: free - yes, really

Release date: March 2017

Software size: about 11MB once installed

Available in: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Italian and Dutch are partially translated by community

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows from XP to 10
any up to date PC, either 32 or 64 bits, including server editions.

At least 1GB of RAM, a multicore processor and an internet access are recommanded to enjoy all features

Please check that you meet technical requirements before downloading

Hand coded with love from Paris, France

What's new in CoolTweak 3.2 ?

Run custom commands and take control
New feature

Developpers and advanced users can now run custom commands (DOS script, powershell, vbscript or any executable file) to extend CoolTweak possibilities at will.
Chain commands, run them before, after or during the processing, unleach your power :)

Live editor has been redesigned from scratch
New feature

Looking back, previous Live editor was just a poor copy of the menu editor and it was about time to update it.
It has been fully rethought and redesigned to become a really smart and intuitive tool.
A clearer access to actions and output options, preview of the files, ability to edit their meta data, Live editor is a lot better.

New cool options for watermarking with a logo
New feature

Watermaking with logos got improved with the possibility to automatically adjust the size of the logo depending on the size of the target picture.
Settings the size in percent allow you to define a single big logo as the source of the watermark and let CoolTweak resize it dynamically to fit the picture.

And many more improvements !

  • Cool new features

    • New action - It's now possible to run a custom command (DOS, Powershell, VBScript or executable) on each file during processing.
    • Output options - Ability to run a custom command (DOS, Powershell, VBScript or executable) once on all the files juste before and/or just after the processing.
    • Parameters testing - Ability to abort the processing while testing an action's parameters.
    • Output options - New output option that enables to not saved the processed files in order to save them manually with a custom action.
  • Bug fixes et optimizations

    • Performance - Live editor startup time has been really improved, and it now doesn't depends on the number of file to process.
    • Reliability - 2 bugs fixes for the unexpected crashes of the app
  • Installer improvements

    • Install - Correction of a blocking error that may occured during automatical update of the application.
    • Install - Software installers has been enhanced to be always stable on the various possible environment.
    • Install - The new features list is now shown just after the application update.

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