CoolTweak 3.3

Price: free - yes, really

Release date: May 2017

Software size: about 11MB once installed

Available in: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Italian and Dutch are partially translated by community

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows from XP to 10
any up to date PC, either 32 or 64 bits, including server editions.

At least 1GB of RAM, a multicore processor and an internet access are recommanded to enjoy all features

Please check that you meet technical requirements before downloading

Hand coded with love from Paris, France

What's new in CoolTweak 3.3 ?

Always built safer, CoolTweak is now recognized.

CoolTweak now uses a digital code signing certificate to prevent any malicious content to be injected in.
This is yet another protection that adds up to all the efforts taken to make CoolTweak more reliable and secured than ever.

Run custom commands and take control
New feature

Developpers and advanced users can now run custom commands (DOS script, powershell, vbscript or any executable file) to extend CoolTweak possibilities at will.
Chain commands, run them before, after or during the processing, unleach your power :)

Live editor has been redesigned from scratch
New feature

Looking back, previous Live editor was just a poor copy of the menu editor and it was about time to update it.
It has been fully rethought and redesigned to become a really smart and intuitive tool.
A clearer access to actions and output options, preview of the files, ability to edit their meta data, Live editor is a lot better.

And many more improvements !

  • Improvements

    • Security - The code is now signed with a certificate that prevents all malicious modifications.
  • Cool new features

    • Custom commands - The code of the scripts can now be embedded inside CoolTweak.
    • Custom commands - The log file path can be relative and contain variables.
    • Custom commands - It's now possible to set a predifined path for reloading file after processing and it can contain variables.
    • Custom commands - An option has been added to ignore content sent to standard error output.
  • Bug fixes et optimizations

    • Engine - A critical problem preventing the whole set of files from being processed has been fixed.
    • Custom commands - 3 remaining bugs have been solved on custom commands. This feature is now very reliable.
    • Engine - The engine crash after cancelling the processing has been fixed.

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